Hello! My name is Rey Mayson and I am a Designer.

With a focus on problem-solving, I tailor my design approach to the performance needs of my clients in a passion for creating holistic experiences that will enhance their customers’ lives.
I am especially passionate about ideation & concept generation of systems of high-complexity in various e-commerce, CRM, DAM areas.

My Process

To provide value to the people with a design – set people and their needs as a value for your design. Don’t think you a priori know these needs, but stay curious as you’re almost always wrong about your users. Pay attention to what users do, not what they say. Test your design with real customers as it is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works for them.


Conducting user research


Combine & observe the problems


Generate ideas


Build representation of the idea


Gain feedback


Vision into effect