Hello! My name is Rey Mayson and I am a Designer.

With a focus on problem-solving, I tailor my design approach to the performance needs of my clients in a passion for creating holistic experiences that will enhance their customers’ lives.
I am especially passionate about ideation & concept generation of systems of high-complexity in various e-commerce, CRM, DAM areas.

Design principles I share

  • To provide value to the people with a design – set people and their needs as a value for your design.
  • Don’t think you a priori know these needs, but stay curious as you’re almost always wrong about your users.
  • Pay attention to what users do, not what they say.
  • Test your design with real customers as it is not just what it looks like and feels like. A design is how it works for them.

Design process I follow


Conducting user research to develop an understanding of users


Combining  all research results & observing where users' problems exist


Generating a wide range of crazy, creative ideas addressing problems identified


Building low-cost representations of ideas that allow making assumptions proof check


Gaining real users' feedback to verify that a solution works for users and it's worth implementation


Developing a product based on a proven concept, involving valuable and expensive dev resources

Selected Companies