Just within one week after the Iranian social network wave named “Facebook revolution”, when the web caused a dramatic impact and quick succession of events in real life, we observe an opposite influence. The death of a pop star Michael Jackson affected the web and caused a slowdown through of innumerous users’ activity.

Google, as a world leading search provider, indicated a “volcano” growth of searches containing “Michael Jackson” with its peak just in 2 hours after the news become public. The fair quantity of looking similar searches even caused an anti-spam security system to block that kind of searches, being suspected of fraud or automatic searches.

Life that affects the web

Among Google top-10 trends of June 25, 2009, four relate to Michael Jackson:

michael jackson died
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christian eyenga
jeff goldblum dead
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Google wasn’t the only site, affected, – according to BBC “traffic to the site at the time of Jackson’s death was 72% higher than normal”. The burst of activity in social networks lead to Twitter servers crash after 66,500 post updates related to Michael Jackson just within first 2-3 hours.

Internet giants like MSN, Yahoo, AOL, famous news-provider sites found themselves under attack of an incredible number of users hunger for new facts, pressing their browser’s “reload” button.